Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where Does Manning Land?

Teams around the league are scrambling trying to recruit Manning to play for them. Turn on the news, and you are sure to hear how half of the teams in the league have been linked to him one way or another. With all the reports flying around, here are the 5 most likely candidates.

1) Miami Dolphins: This is a team with an emerging running game, a talented receiver in Brandon Marshall, and a new coach known for offense. Manning would be able to play his style of ball and it would not be to hard to surround him with a little bit more talent. He could definitely take the Dolphins to the playoffs.

2) Washington Redskins: Redskins owner Dan Synder has a slight history of spending big money on free agents. Manning would be working with Mike Shanahan, but he would be given much more flexability than McNabb was given. Manning would need some talent around him on offense, but when Snyder spends, he spends big. It is not entirely impossible that Manning may go to Washington and get a target like Vincent Jackson (a long shot but hey, whatever).

3) Seattle Seahawks: This is an intriging option. Manning would be going to yet another team with a strong running game. While I do think that the Seahawks need a quarterback, Manning may not end up there. If he does, watch out. The team has decent receivers, and we know what Manning can make receivers look like. In a weak NFC West (exception San Francisco), the Seahawks could emerge as contenders.

4) Arizona Cardinals: Manning would have some serious firepower here. This could be a team that has a huge turnaround under Manning, but they already have a confusing and crowded quarterback situation as it is. Kolb cost them a lot of money, and who doesn't love the idea of John Skelton winning out in a position battle? In the end, Manning could turn this team into a contender based off of the weapons he would have. Will this great quarterback claim redemption in the desert?

5) Cleveland Browns: Cleveland has no weapons at receiver, but getting Manning could free them up to get Justin Blackmon (possible) and maybe grab someone like Michael Floyd at 22. There would be some growing pains, but this is a signing that might actually make sense if the team really does want to stick with Colt McCoy as their long term option.

In the end, who really knows where Manning will end up. The sad thing is that we don't know if he will finish the year. Things will most certainly be interesting, so for now, we wait.

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