Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chargers Draft Prospects: Trumaine Johnson

We have featured a few corners already, but with the uncertainty of Jammer being around much longer, the Chargers should be looking to add depth and future starters in the draft. One intriguing prospect is Montana cornerback Trumaine Johnson.
Position: CB
Weight: 204 lbs.
Height: 6' 2''

Pros: Johnson has great height, measuring in at 6' 2''. That height would come in handy having to cover big receivers like the Chiefs Baldwin and Bowe. He is very fluid in his movements and excelled in man coverage during college. He can break underneath routes and come up with the pick and can go up and get a high ball. He has good strength and can use his size to throw around smaller players, also doing a good job a disengaging from blocks to get at least a hand on the ball carrier. He was able to often times shut down his end of the field with his presence, making quarterbacks look elsewhere for a receiver.

Cons: The biggest red flag with him is his speed. He was clocked at anywhere from 4.50 to 4.60. Against faster receivers, he may not hold up. He also doesn't break down on tackles as much as you would like out of a player his size. This causes him to whiff at times. Johnson also doesn't have much to show with zone coverage. He can lose the ball when it is in the air at times. Johnson competed at the FCS level, so questions remain about the level of competition he faced and if it could prepare him for the NFL.

Whoever drafts him better hope that his game speed is better than his 40 time. That being said, this kid should be able to step into the rotation on nickel and dime packages and contribute on special teams.

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