Sunday, March 18, 2012

How is A.J. Doing?

Free agency has been a time that Charger fans have come to dread. It always seemed that fans were having to watch a great player leave the team year after year. Going into this off-season, fans were ready to pounce on GM A.J. Smith with just the slightest provocation. Vincent Jackson was the player on every mind. When Jackson left to join the Buccaneers, many fans viewed it as just another year of the Chargers failing in free agency. In reality, Smith has put together a very good group of free agents from a talent standpoint when compared to the money he has spent on them. Each brings a much needed skill set or upgrade to  position of need. While the group may not be flashy, I have to give props to Smith for working hard. He still has the draft left, but I am impressed with how he has handled things so far. Here is for wishing for things to continue this way.

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