Monday, March 12, 2012

Charger Madness Presents: Free Agent Wish List

Free agency is set to start at 4 PM Eastern Time tomorrow. As per usual, expect big deals to be made by the end of the first day for some of the elite talents. With that in mind, here are the 5 free agents on the wish list for Charger Madness. These are not based on scheme fit, just preference.

Members From Last Year's Team

1) Jared Gaither: I know that he was a member of the team last year, but resigning him is an absolute must for the Chargers. Gaither finally gave Rivers the confidence he needed to make throws late last season. Gaither should be locked up very soon.

2) Nick Hardwick: The center/quarterback relationship is one of the most important in the NFL. Chemistry is a must at this position. Hardwick has be Rivers center since day one. He is a great center who should be resigned immediately. With all of the uncertainty on the line, this deal should be done quickly. How the Chargers handle their free agents on the offensive line will define how they approach the draft.

Go Get Them

3) Mario Williams: Williams is an elite pass rusher who could add a much needed spark to San Diego's pass rush. Williams is very agile for a man his size. His asking price is going to be incredibly steep, in the same area if not higher than that of Julius Peppers. I expect Williams will be signed early.  I really don't think he will end up a Charger, but we can always hope.

4) BenJarvis Green-Ellis: With the potential departure of Mike Tolbert, San Diego needs a quality back to help Mathews carry the load. Green-Ellis has been a great player for the Patriots. He doesn't fumble and is very consistent. Mathews is to be the feature back, but he has not yet lived up to that hype just yet, although he has improved greatly. Green-Ellis would put some serious pressure on Mathews as well as be a versatile back for the Chargers.

5) Tom Zbikowski: San Diego needs to upgrade the strong safety position. It has been an area of weakness for years. To his credit, Steve Gregory has been an adequate plug in for the Chargers. Zbikowski brings a very physical nature to the position. He may not be the fastest, but I think for the price he will bring, he may be a great pickup. With all the talk of the Chargers drafting Harrison Smith, Zbikowski seems like a safer option.

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