Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chargers Draft Prospects: Alamaeda Ta'amu

San Diego is in need of depth at all levels on defense as well as an increased pass rush. What many are overlooking is the importance of a solid DT rotation. San Diego does have some good players that they have been deveolping in Cam Thomas and Vaughn Martin. Antonio Garay has reportedly started talking to the Chargers, but at 32, we can't expect him to be around to long if he does even resign. With that in mind, the Chargers may look to add depth at DT later in the draft with a player like Washington behemoth Alamaeda Ta'amu.

Weight: 348 lbs.
Height: 6' 3''

Pros: Alamaeda is a mountain, plain and simple. At 348 pounds, he has great bulk and can throw that weight around at the line. He has great strength and possesses a surprising burst coming out of his stance, splitting gaps in the offensive line well. He has good enough upper body strength to grab a ball carrier with one arm and be able to slow him enough to get a second arm around him. He can lay devastating hits on opponents due to his use of his ability to engulf a ball carrier. He can create a bottleneck in the middle and can occupy multiple linemen, freeing up other pass rushers to achieve favorable matchups.

Cons: His size, while a big strength to him, is also something that could severely impact him as a professional. He weighed in at 390 pounds at one point and later played at 360 pounds. He did devote serious time to getting his weight under control for his senior year, trimming down to 337 pounds. He has added additional muscle, but this will be something he needs to keep an eye on. He has short arms, which could be a hinderance in dealing with NFL level linemen with longer arms. He doesn't have great pursuit ability, taking a long time to get up to speed. He doesn't have good footwork, so if he fails to penetrate with his initial burst, he is likely a non-factor without penetration.

San Diego has a good rotation at DT, but depth can never hurt. Both Thomas and Martin can move out and play end as well, so Ta'amu would allow for more versatility and creativity in San Diego's new defensive scheme.

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