Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tebow Traded to Jets

Is Tebow now a threat to Mark Sanchez?

The Denver Broncos made official what we all knew was coming today. It has been announced that the New York Jets have traded  4th and 6th round picks to Denver to get quarterback Tim Tebow and a 7th round draft pick. Tebow, as you may recall, was the media sensation of the entire NFL last season. Fans of Tebow, form all over the country, put him on a pedestal. Denver struggled early in the year and the fans increasingly begged for Tebow to be put in. John Elway and coach John Fox finally did just that, and magic ensued. Fox and company redid the entire scheme to fit the few good traits that Tebow had, mainly his mobility and and ability with read option plays. Tebow was able to get the Broncos into the playoffs as fans see it. In reality, Tebow had a pathetic 46% completion percentage and was benefitted by a great defense and powerful rushing attack. He did make some key plays when it counted, but he is not a good quarterback. That is how Elway saw it, hence bringing in Manning. I am not going to say that Tebow can never be good, but he just doesn't have that traditional makeup just yet.
What happens to McElroy, maybe the best quarterback for the Jets?

The question that now comes up is just how the Jets want to use him. Is he actually going to compete for the starting job? If nothing else, this may be seen as a big red flag on Sanchez by the Jets. Maybe he will be used in wildcat packages. In all honesty, I see him as mainly just taking up space on the roster. Worse yet, he may force who I think is the best quarterback the Jets have, Greg McElroy, down the depth chart. McElroy had to be behind Sanchez due to the investment that the team made by selecting him 5th overall. Now he has to deal with the media circus known as "Tebowmania".

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