Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chargers Draft Prospects: Shea McClellin

San Diego has seemed to address many of their roster issues with some key free agency singings. It appears that San Diego is going to use the draft to upgrade their pass rush and the strong safety position as well as their depth at running back through the draft. San Diego has the luxury of using some of their later picks to take pass rushers later. With that in mind, we profile Boise State linebacker Shea McClellin.

Position : OLB
Height: 6' 3''
Weight: 260 pounds

Pros: McClellin may be one of the most underrated player in the draft this year. He has good speed and agility. McClellin possesses a high motor and has experience at both defensive end and linebacker. This versatility may benefit the Chargers greatly, allowing for more flexibility in the Chargers defensive scheme. He has a large skill set of pass rushing moves, using a great mixture of size, speed, and technique to fight his way through. He has good size for the position and may come at a value price for the Chargers, with his name being called late in day 2 or maybe at the start of day 3. McClellin will have critcs who say he didn't play the best competition due to playing in the Mountain West, but that is just absurd. The Broncos have constantly shown that they can match up with the best in the country.

Cons: McClellin does not have elite athleticism. McClellin doesn't have the strength to overpower stronger linemen on a consistent basis and is prone to over-pursuing. He also doesn't have a defined position, so he may not fit easily into a scheme. He will have to become more disciplined, especially if a team uses him both standing up and with his hand on the ground.

McClellin has the tools to become a great pass rusher and bring versatility to a defense. He most likely will not be called early in the draft and can be a good value pick, possessing huge upside with limited investment. McClellin could be a replacement for Larry English, who has failed due to injury and may be facing his last season with the team.

* Within the last few weeks, McClellin has climbed up many draft boards, with some sites grading him as a fringe 1st round pick or 2nd rounder.

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