Friday, March 23, 2012

Charger Fans Breathe Sigh of Relief

With the Chicago Bears, for reasons unknown, signing former Raiders running back Michael Bush, San Diego may have just gotten the first good news in the last few days.  Bush has been a great back for the Raiders, who selected him in the 4th round of the 2007 NFL Draft. Bush, who was limited early in his career by the effects of a broken tibia suffered while playing at the University of Louisville, did not see the field until the 2008 season. Bush has served as the backup to former first round pick Darren McFadden, filling in several times for the oft-injured McFadden. Charger fans will remember the game in which Bush abused the team in week 10 last year to the tune of 242 yards from scrimmage. With Peyton Manning signing in Denver and the Chiefs adding yet another talent back to their rotation, Bush's departure could not have come at a better time. Bush could start for a number of teams. While the Chargers will still have to deal with McFadden, a beast in his own right, Oakland's two headed monster just got weaker. With the increased competitiveness of the AFC West, ever little bit helps. Oakland is limited by their lack of draft picks in this years draft, so I expect 4th round pick Taiwan Jones to step into the rotation and provide some support.

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