Monday, March 26, 2012

ESPN Power Rankings: Where is San Diego?

ESPN has put up the first power-rankings of the new year. San Diego came in at 15th overall. Here is a link to the ESPN article.

How does the AFC West stack up in ESPN's power rankings?
Some of the rankings have me a bit confused, like with Carolina and Kansas City being ranked higher than Cincinnati,  but I think that San Diego is checking in about where they should be. This isn't to say that they are worse than the Broncos (8th), Eagles (12th), or Dallas (14th), or that we are any better. Rather, with all of the losses San Diego has suffered and the uncertainty that comes with signing free agents, these rankings are rough. As the draft approaches and teams continue to address issues, expect these ranking to fluctuate. San Diego still controls the division, but Denver is going to be a handful if Manning stays healthy.

Here is how the AFC West stacks up.

8) Denver Broncos
15) San Diego Chargers
17) Kansas City Chiefs
26) Oakland Raiders

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