Monday, March 19, 2012

Manning Starts Negotiating with Denver

It seems that Manning is all but a signature away from becoming a Denver Bronco. Manning told his agent to begin negotiations with the Denver Broncos. It seems that Manning will get basically full control of the offense. Manning turned down several other teams, including the Dolphins, 49ers, and the Titans. Experts are now saying that the Broncos are the favorite to win the AFC West. I think that this is going a little far. It will make the AFC West more competitive, but we shouldn't forget that the Chargers have beat Manning 5 of the last 6 times they have played. All of the hype isn't over yet. Just because Manning has signed does not mean that things are set for the Broncos. They now have to deal with Tim Tebow, both from a personnel standpoint and a fan standpoint. While I think most fans will be happy to have Manning, trading Tebow may not be popular. I have a hard time seeing Tebow fit in with a lot of teams. Many are pointing as Jacksonville as the team he will be traded to, but I really could see the Dolphins making a cheap trade, especially with the odds of Alex Smith staying in San Francisco. Expect to hear more and more about how great this trade is. I am still concerned about his injury issues. In the end, I have to love the attitude that Philip Rivers has about Manning coming to Denver. Instead of worrying about how the division just got tougher, he has stated that he is excited to compete against one of the best in the league.

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