Friday, April 6, 2012

Tapes of William's Pre-Game Speech Could Be Final Nail in the Coffin

It just seems to be getting worse for Gregg Williams and company. With the recent release of the audio/video for Williams pre-game motivational speech before the 49ers game, the evidence and extent of the bounty system in place in New Orleans. The audio is disturbing. I know that some players are saying that it isn't that bad, but I have to disagree. I can excuse the example of taking out the head and killing the body as an example, but to specifically mention going after a player's ACL is disgusting. Saying that you are going to go after a player in any way like that is beyond comprehension. It is one thing to play the game physically and try to be a punisher on defense, but to target like that is beyond belief. I know that teams do this more than we want to believe, but this goes beyond the idea of certain players taking this actions. To have a coach basically say that he is personally going to pay for the first hit on Alex Smith is just wrong. This raises the question of how in the world Sean Payton couldn't have known about this. I doubt that this is the first speech that went like this, and this guy is under you. How could you not have known?

People can argue the morals of Pamphilon releasing the tapes without the consent of Steve Gleason, the fact remains that what was stated is horrible. I think that he had an obligation to report this. People will question the release of the tapes, if they should have been given to the league offices or held, but in the end, it is a moot point. Pamphilon may well have opened himself up to a lawsuit or two, both from Gleason and the Saints as an organization.

Williams can forget ever being in the NFL after this. Just imagine the fan outrage if this guy gets back in. I don't see him getting a job in football at the collegiate level either. Teams have to worry enough about rouge boosters paying players. Why bring in a coach with a reputation like Williams? I will say that Williams was a great coordinator and was a big part in the Saints turnaround and their Super Bowl win. All of that doesn't matter anymore. Williams has soiled what should have been a great legacy. He may get a job, but his reputation is destroyed.

I don't always agree with the way that Goodell player safety issues, but this time he got it right. This should never be allowed to happen.

For those of you who want to listen to the audio, a link is provided below. Be warned, this is neither workplace or children appropriate and the language is strong to say the least.

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