Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Look Ahead: Biggest Games on the Chargers Schedule

While the official schedule has not been set, teams do know who they will be playing. With that in mind, here are 5 games to watch this season.

1) Denver at San Diego

I know that this game will happen twice this year, so lets go with the Chargers home game against the Broncos. This game has serious draw. With the exception of the Patriots, no team vexed Manning more while in Indy than the Chargers. Rivers gets to dual with Manning at home. Denver is possibly the only team in the league that will look so different and is a division rival. What is there not to like?

2) Baltimore at San Diego

The Ravens are one of the most physical teams in the NFL. This game will be brutal, regardless of the final score. The Ravens are one of 6 teams the Chargers play that were playoff teams last year. The Ravens advanced the farthest of any of the 6. With the influx of former Ravens on the team, expect this to be a great battle.

3) San Diego at New Orleans

I know that the Saints defense is going to be hindered during at least part of the season, but we don't yet know when the Chargers will be playing the Saints. What we will have is two great offenses going toe to toe. This game should be an offensive highlight reel waiting to happen. New Charger Robert Meachem gets a homecoming game against his former team and the Chargers face former quarterback Drew Brees.

4) San Diego at New York Jets

These two teams have produced some good games the last few years, and there is a bit of bad blood. We get to hear Rex Ryan run his big trap for a whole week about this game, which is always entertaining. What is most intriging is that San Diego just may end up facing Tebow this year after all.

5) San Diego at Tampa Bay

This game has been on the radar ever since Vincent Jackson signed with the Bucs. While the Bucs took a step back last year, this is still a very talented team with plenty of youth. The Chargers should be looking forward to this one, especially after all of the headaches that Jackson caused the last two years.

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