Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chargers Draft Prospects: Michael Egnew

Athletic tight ends are becoming more and more necessary in the NFL today. The Chargers are already crowded at the tight end position, but they could still bring in a rookie through the draft. With that in mind, here is the Charger Madness profile on Missouri tight end Michael Egnew.

Position: TE
Weight: 252 lbs.
Height: 6' 5''

Pros: Egnew is basically a very tall and slightly slower receiver. He has great height and length. Egnew has enough speed to really make a defense pay and can line up in the slot. Egnew has good situational awareness, always knowing where the marker is. He can adjust well to low balls and works the sideline well. Even with all of his speed and finesse, Egnew is a player who doesn't shy away from contact. He has the ability to truck smaller defenders in the secondary. He is a matchup nightmare waiting to happen if used properly.

Cons: Egnew didn't do a great job blocking while at Missouri. He is an effort blocker and most likely won't be asked to do too much blocking in the NFL. If he can improve, then all the better for him. His routes could use a bit more work, with some added crispness needed. There is the potential for him to add some mass, especially in the upper body.

Egnew is part of a new generation of tight ends that are taking the NFL by storm. Egnew was a basketball star in high school, as so many of this new breed were. He has good potential and could develop well learning from Antonio Gates. The best part is that he is grading out only in the 3rd or 4th round. He has the potential to be available later in the draft and could be a great investment.

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