Wednesday, February 8, 2012

San Diego and the Strong Safety

The Chargers are in the same position they were in last season in regards to the strong safety position. Bob Sanders was brought in to bring his physical style of play, but only lasted 2 games before succumbing to injuries yet again. This left Steve Gregory once again as the starter during the season. Gregory only had 13 starts this season and split time with Paul Oliver at the position this year. Both are free agents and I would be surprised to see Gregory resigned. His play has been inconsistent. I expect the Chargers to let him walk. Coach Norv Turner likes the progression of Darrell Stuckey, who played exceptionally well on special teams last season. Stuckey was injured his rookie season and was impacted heavily by the lockout in terms of development. Stuckey seems to have a great shot to earn playing time this season going into camp. There is also the possibility that the Chargers could move corner Quentin Jammer to safety, but I doubt that it will happen this year. If Stuckey doesn't pan out after this season, that move may take place, but for now, it seems like Stuckey has an inside track to start at strong safety next season barring a big draft move or free agent signing by the Chargers.

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