Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Moving Forward or Moving On?

A few seasons ago, the San Diego Chargers were sitting on a 14-2 regular season record. Fast forward to today, and we have a franchise that has posted a 9-7 and an 8-8 season the last two years. More telling though is the fact that they have failed to win the division or make the playoffs over that two year span. The team has failed to get off to a good start until this season, and even then they found a way to falter down the stretch. San Diego sits at a crossroad of making a decision to pursue a championship with the current roster or to call an end to this team and start building for the future. 

Perhaps no person can be given as much credit for this downturn as GM A.J. Smith. Smith, who has been in charge of the drafts for the Chargers have had over the last several seasons and has been part of the reason that several talented players have been cut or have left the Chargers as free agents. As much as people want to blame just Norv Turner, it is important to realize that Smith has not always put Turner in the best position to succeed. While I am not a huge supporter of Turner (I still dislike Smith for firing Marty), it is important to note that Turner isn't the only one at fault. Smith must bring in quality talent throughout the draft and give this team more depth if they are to succeed.  If the team struggles once agin this season, expect at least one if not both of them to be packing up their offices and looking for employment elsewhere.

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