Thursday, February 2, 2012

Draft Proflie: Janoris Jenkins

Next up is North Alabama corner Janoris Jenkins.

Position: CB
Height: 5' 10''
Weight: 182 Lbs.

Pros: Jenkins is a player with exceptional skill and severe character issues. Many look at Jenkins and see his school listed as North Alabama and question his ability. Jenkins was actually a three year player for the University of Florida, playing in the shadow of Joe Hayden (1st round pick of the Cleveland Browns) before stepping up to fill Hayden's place. Jenkins has exceptional reaction and anticipatory skills and while a bit on the undersized side, plays physically at the line. Jenkins can use his exceptional speed to turn and burn with a receiver down the field. Jenkins has exceptional closing ability and is a gambler always willing to go for the interception. Jenkins possesses great man skills and good zone skills. His speed allows him to jump routes and make big plays with ease. Jenkins also takes great angles in pursuit and is a good run support corner.

Cons: How did Jenkins, a player who started 37 of 40 games for the Gators, end up at North Alabama? Jenkins was sent packing by new coach Will Muschamp for two arrests within a four month span for marijuana possession. Ouch. Jenkins is a prospect who would be much higher had his character lapses not happened, but as it is he is still a very talented player. With his desire for interceptions, Jenkins sometimes goes for broke and misses, leaving his man wide open and going downfield. Jenkins also tends to lead with the shoulder trying to deliver the big hit and that causes missed tackles. Jenkins is a player who will make big plays for a team, but the team should also be prepared to have a few touchdowns or big plays given up due to that nature. Jenkins is a double-edged sword, plain and simple.

Jenkins erased any doubts about his ability by playing extremely well at the Senior Bowl. Jenkins may slip into the second round due to character issues, but expect him to be a serious option for a number of teams.

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