Thursday, February 23, 2012

Is Philip Rivers Elite?

The term elite quarterback gets thrown around the leauge by the media often these days, but what really constitutes elite? Many say that Philip Rivers is elite. While this may be true in some regards, Rivers is still looking for that final piece to reach that level.  Rivers has proven to be a great quarterback for the Chargers. There is talk of him being a potential Hall of Famer, but until he at least leads the team to a Super Bowl, there will be those who question his ability. This is not to say that Rivers is not a great quarterback, rather, Rivers is simply good. With the possible retirement of Peyton Manning and the age of Tom Brady, we are closing in on defining a new generation of elite quarterbacks. Rivers is currently on the outside looking in, just as Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger are looking in. Both have an upper hand on Rivers due to having rings. I am not saying that Rivers is not a great quarterback, but at the moment, he is not elite. Rivers has the potential to get there, but the question is can he carry the team with him?

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