Monday, February 13, 2012

Randy Moss Wants to Make a Comeback

Randy Moss has recently announced that he would like to make a comeback. Moss, who did not play this season, ended his career on what can only be called an abysmal note. Moss started that year with the Patriots, was traded to the Vikings, and ended the season as a non-factor on the Titans. Moss, who is 35, was one of the most prolific receivers of the last decade. Despite his assertion that he can still play at a high level, I really wonder if he can. Moss has always been about being a deep threat, going up to get the ball and burning the competition. If Moss has lost a step, then I don't see a comeback happening. Secondly, with the amount of quality receivers that are free agents this year, Moss may have a hard time emerging from a full market. If Moss still has what it takes, and that is a big if, I expect him to end up with a team such as the St. Louis Rams or the Washington Redskins. Some have rumored that Chicago or even New England would be interested in him. The only way I see the Chargers going after Moss is if they are unable to resign Vincent Jackson. If Moss is unsigned at this point and willing to take a low contract, he may well fill an important void for the Chargers for a year or two.  Bottom line, Moss is only worth the headache for the right, and very low, price.

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