Monday, February 20, 2012

Jimmy Raye III: GM in the Making?

Chargers Director of Player Personnel. Could he become
the next GM in San Diego?
With the continued stumbling of the Chargers over the last several seasons, the cries to remove GM A.J. Smith have increased each year. It is impossible not to credit Smith with molding the team into a serious competitor. however, recent free agent decisions and questionable draft decisions have left San Diego with a startling lack of depth and has depleted the roster to the point that San Diego has been relegated to the role of a fringe contender. If Smith and Turner fail to make the playoffs this season, both will be cleaning out their offices. Even if the team does make the playoffs in what is arguably still a weak AFC West, both could conceivably be fired. This raises the question, who takes over as GM? Most times that there is a change in either the front office or the coaching staff, there is a high rate of turnover. The most likely situation is that San Diego would look for a new person outside of the organization to take the reigns. That only makes sense. Yet San Diego may be well suited to stay in house in looking for a new GM. Jimmy Raye III has been with the Chargers since 1996 and has been in the NFL since 1995. He now servers as the  Director of Player Personnel for the Chargers. Raye has been considered for multiple GM positions in the past, notably the Kansas City job, which went to Scott Pioli. More recently, he was one of 4 finalist for the Bears GM position. Raye is obviously on the radar of teams in the league. It may well be a good move for San Diego to retain him in the event of a staff change. Raye definably has experience in scouting and seems to be more than capable of taking over a position of such magnitude and importance. For all the trouble San Diego has brewing in the front office, the solution may be just a few offices away.

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