Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ricky Williams to Retire

While not a Charger, one of the most intriguing players of the last decade or so is announcing his retirement. Ricky Williams has announced that he will not take the option for a second year in Baltimore and will retire from football. Williams is one of 26 players to rush for 10,000 career yards and broke that record in the Ravens final game of the season against the Bengals. Williams is often most remembered by two things, Mike Ditka trading the farm to get him in New Orleans (where he spent the first 3 years of his career) and for his multiple drug suspensions while with the Dolphins. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Williams was the fact that he accomplished what he did while dealing with social anxiety disorder, of which we only learned about late in his career. There is talk of Williams being a Hall of Fame player, but only time will tell. So here is to Ricky Williams, a great player and intriguing person, kick back and enjoy yourself.

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