Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What To Do With Vincent Jackson

San Diego wide receiver is once again a free agent. San Diego has been in this scenario before. Jackson held out last season for a new contract, only reporting late in the season. Jackson wants a large multi-year deal, but A.J. Smith has made it clear, at least last year, that he doesn't want to give Jackson as large of a contract as he wants. Smith has let talented players walk in free agency over the last several years, with players such as running backs Turner and Sproles as well as letting go of players such as Shawn Merriman and Jamal Williams. It will be interesting to see how the Chargers handle this free agency issue. If the team decides to not resign Jackson, expect many teams to be lined up to get a shot at a very talented receiver.

Jackson has shown that he is willing to put himself before the team and has caused a fair share of headaches for the organization over the last few years. While his talent is unquestioned, in my eyes, his motivation is questionable. With the chance to land a big receiver in the draft, Jackson may be viewed as costing just to much. This team is not the same team that was competing for a Super Bowl anymore. It may well be time to start rebuilding this team, and Jackson may tie up far to much money. Only time will tell.

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