Monday, January 30, 2012

Chargers Draft Prospects: Cordy Glenn

Next up we take a look at Georgia mountain Cordy Glenn.
Position: Guard/Tackle
Height: 6' 5''
Weight: 348 Lbs.

Pros: Georgia lineman Cordy Glenn is a mountain of a man weighing in at 348 pounds. He has great strength and is surprisingly quick for a man his size. Glenn has long arms and uses his size to simply overpower defenders even when caught off guard. Perhaps the most important thing about Glenn is the versatility that he brings to the table. While he projects as a guard in the NFL, Glenn has experience all along the line with the exception of center. This versatility would serve San Diego well, considering the high amount of injuries that the team has had to deal with over the last few seasons.

Cons: Most of the knocks on Glenn have to due with his sometimes slow reaction of the line and his hand placement. He sometimes gets out of place with his hands, leaving him susceptible to swim moves by defenders. While he does get beat at the snap at times, his size makes it so that he can recover and win his battle. This may have got him by in college, but he will need to improve his abilities here in the NFL. 

Some people look at Cordy Glenn and see someone who is oversized and are not sure what to do with him. I see Glenn as a player who can step in and make an immediate difference at guard for the Chargers. He has the potential to be a more than adequate injury solution should San Diego once again need  help at the tackle position during the season. To me, Glenn projects as one of the most intriguing prospects of this draft.

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