Thursday, May 31, 2012

San Diego Chargers Roster Breakdown: Quarterbacks

Continuing our look at the Chargers depth at the moment, we move on to quarterbacks.

Losses: Billy Volek

Signed: Charlie Whitehurst, Jarrett Lee

Returning: Philip Rivers

Projected Starter; Philip Rivers

The Chargers will once again be helmed by Philip Rivers. Yes, he had a down year last year, but he should bounce back fine. He has proven before that he can create chemistry quickly with receivers, which he will need to do given the new look the receiving corps will have. Rivers is a deep ball quarterback, and new addition Robert Meachem, while not a Vincent Jackson, should see plenty of deep passes.

Charlie Whitehurst is back on the sidelines as the backup after his Seattle experiment. He should do ok, but losing Billy Volek hurts. It was a move that made sense, but Volek was one of the best backups in the league. Whitehurst won't be able to do everything that Rivers can do, but he should be able to step in for a game or two and play decent football. Who knows, maybe the Chargers can trade him again.

The last member of this list is former LSU quarterback Jarrett Lee. I really don't expect much out of him. He couldn't ever really keep the starting job at LSU, so it will only be harder in the NFL. I expect him to stay on the roster until the end of the pre-season, but unless he really wows the coaches, expect him to be cut.

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