Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chargers Head Coaching Update

The San Diego Chargers are going to wait until they have named a GM until they name a head coach. While this is a generally smart move, one has to wonder if the Chargers are going to drag their feet on this. If they do, they may be out of the running for some of the more promising candidates. With that in mind, here are 3 head coaching prospects and how they would fit with the Chargers.

Lovie Smith: Smith is the kind of coach that has players running through brick walls for him. They love to play for this guy and he certainly has a great defensive mind. Smith coached the Chicago Bears for 9 seasons, taking them to Super Bowl XLI. He amassed a record of 81-63 as a head coach.

Lovie Smith; Chargers Head Coach or not?
Unfortunately, I don't see Lovie being a great fit for the Chargers. He helped Tony Dungy develop the Tampa 2 defense and has been a major proponent of it. Smith would also be keeping defensive coordinator John Pagano (unless he is offered another position). That could make the Chargers an unappealing job for Smith.

On offense, Smith would need to improve the offensive line and bolster the running game. The line for the Chargers has let just about every team in the league get away with murder. Rivers has been beaten and battered the last two years. It shows in the way that he plays. Even though it can't really be placed on Lovie, the line in Chicago was horrendous (just ask Jay Cutler).

Bruce Arians: Arians was part of the best story out of the NFL this year. With Chuck Pagano sidelined with Leukemia, Arians stepped in and guided the Colts to the playoffs after winning just 2 games last year. He has worked with talented quarterbacks and is a great offensive mind. That being said, the Chargers will most likely want to go away from someone like Norv Turner. Arians offensive background may actually be a hindrance. Still, the Chargers just seem to need a fresh start on offense (with the exception of the o-line) to be back on track. Arians only has head coaching experience at the collegiate level, but this may be good for him. The Chargers seem to want to move away from a retread coach. Arians would be a fresh candidate and could really inspire the Chargers.

Zimmer can bring some accountability to the Chargers

Mike Zimmer: Zimmer is the classic coordinator who just doesn't get the looks he deserves. Every team he has worked with has seen a steady improvement from their defenses. Zimmer took the Bengals from a middle of the road defense to a 7th place unit this year. His team finished the season 3rd in the league with 51 sacks. He has great blitz packages, which did a great job hiding the age of Cincinnati secondary. His units get great pressure from their base package as well. Players also love to play for Zimmer.

The biggest reason that Zimmer doesn't seem to get interviews stems from his brutal honesty. I think that an attitude like that may be just what the Chargers need. Accountability needs to come with every position, veteran or not.

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